A Cardboard Theatre

A Cardboard Theatre

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many people looking for comfortable and safe entertainment. At one point, the Alamo Drafthouse started renting entire theaters to people, which inspired me to want to create this diorama. Using cardboard, hot glue, and paint, I put together this simple arts and crafts project and had a good laugh.

I didn’t watch any feature films in it, but I watch and few youtube videos. The experience was similar to an actual theatre, although it was not the well-design experience of the Alamo Drafthouse, and more like if you were to bring lawn chairs and a projector to an abandoned warehouse (which is a cool idea too). Anyways, here’s a quick video demo of the theatre diorama:


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Brandon is a versatile and passionate engineer that uses design thinking and web technologies for creative problem-solving. He is currently working as the Director of Software at SXSW and teaching Web Design at FIDM.