Thoughts on volunteering and donating

There are many ways to contribute to a cause, but the main ways are donating your time, money, or both. Volunteering is very rewarding, and you can add a lot of value to a cause or organization by using your professional skills to help. As a technologist and web developer, I have had several opportunities to help by doing things like building a simple website for a cause I believe in. You would be surprised how much some people try to charge these causes for a simple website 😳, so being able to help absorb that cost is just plain awesome! You can see my volunteer work on my linkedin page.

In addition to volunteering, it’s important to realize that sometimes the best way to help is money. Maybe the organization is not ready for volunteers yet and has to get a few more things in place before you can help in other ways, or maybe donating money is really the only way to help. Regardless, it’s important to help when you can. Here are my donations over the past several years.

Organization Goal Year
Origin Studio House A creative coffee shop for Austin’s Black community 2021
KCRW NPR radio and news for the greater Los Angeles area 2021
Various GoFundMe Help people and causes I care about 2018, 2021
Wikipedia Crowd sourced information for all 2019 - 2021
Central Texas Food Bank Fight against hunger in Central Texas 2021

About Brandon C Sammons

Brandon is a versatile and passionate engineer that uses design thinking and web technologies for creative problem-solving. He is currently working as the Director of Software at SXSW and teaching Web Design at FIDM.