Falling more regularly

Falling more regularly

I bought a skateboard because I thought it would be nice to bounce around my one square mile in downtown Los Angeles. But to take on all the traffic and the cracks and curbs of the sidewalks, I have to get better. Getting better means falling.

Falling hurts, but it feels nostalgic. We fall all the time growing up, and we don’t get the chance to do it much as we get older. It takes practice, and it feels good in a way. Decent skateboard components help. My goal to be able to cruise comfortably and use the skateboard as a simple local mode of transportation. We’ll get there. Skateboarding truly is failing upwards. Have a good day.

Falling hurts, but it feels nostalgic.Brandon C Sammons, 😎


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Brandon is a versatile and passionate engineer that uses design thinking and web technologies for creative problem-solving. He is currently working as the Director of Software at SXSW and teaching Web Design at FIDM.